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Book Price Calculator
Minimum 24 pages.
A page is 1 side of paper.

Printing Cost = $2.75/ Book

Quantity Price Discount
1 - 49 $2.75
50 - 99 $2.48 10%
100 - 249 $2.34 15%
250 - 499 $2.20 20%
500 - 999 $2.06 25%
1,000 + $1.92 30%

Print On Demand (POD)

From a digital file to a printed book in 3 easy steps

Upload Text

Convert your tex file to a PDF X1a (That way all fonts and images are embeded).

Fill out a short book detail form and upload your PDF to TheBookPatch

Upload Cover

Upload your cover as a JPEG a Tiff or a PNG or use our cover generator to creat your cover on the fly.

You can use our FREE templates to creat the cover

Place Order

Now that your book is ready and stored in our database, you can place an order for a single ccopy or as many as you need.

And you can place your book for sale in our FREE bookstore.

Sell Your Book In Our Free Bookstore

  1. Upload Your Book
  2. Set Your Retail Price
  3. Collect Your Royalties
There are no fees for using the bookstore Keep 100% of YOUR PROFIT.

Retail Price = Cost of Printing + Your Markup

Placing your book in our bookstore is optional

NO Purchase necessary

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Buy Now Buttons

To help you self-publish and sell your book, TheBookPatch team has created several downloadable buttons from your book page. These buttons can be installed on any webpage and when clicked will take you directly to your book in our bookstore. You can place a button on as many pages of your website as you want and you could even get your fans to add one to their websites to help you sell more books.
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Self Publishing

Writing books is your Passion

Publishing is your Business

Our Print On Demand Program Is Easy, Simple And Fast

Why Self Publish?

As a self published author, you control your distribution and we assist you by providing high-quality book at the lowest price and an online fulfillment system. Take full control of your project! Keep 100% of your copyright and 100% of your profits.

What's The Cost

TheBookPatch does not offer expensive publishing packages. We keep your book publishing costs to a minimum. Our prices are low but we don't skimp on paper quality and top of the line printing, binding and lamination.

How do I Self-Publish?

When your book is edited and formatted, convert your file to a PDF and save it. You then create your cover as a JPEG or PNG file (use our FREE cover templates or our cover generator), click the GET STARTED button, fill a short book detail form and upload your PDF file. After you review and approve your book cover and text online, order your book and place in our NO FEE BOOKSTORE.

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Sell Your e-book In TheBookPatch Bookstore

The eBook market is gaining strength and more and more readers expect authors to have an eBook available.

For faster downloads and mobile platforms we have added eBooks to our bookstore.

You can add eBooks in three formats: PDF, ePub and Mo-bi. You can add one, two or all three versions.

TheBookPatch charges $1 for every eBook purchase plus PayPal processing and pays the author 100% of the markup.

You must have a printed book version in the bookstore to add the eBook.


The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a 13-digit number that uniquely identifies books and book-like products published internationally. Having an ISBN barcode on the back of your book that includes the book price allows bookstores to scan your book directly into their point of sale. They are used to simplify distribution and purchase of books globally. Most retailers require ISBNs to track book inventory.

Unique ISBN Assignment Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Registration to Books In Print Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Within the Next Business Day ISBN Assignment Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Author/Owner Retains Ownership and Copyright Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Metadata   Checkmark Checkmark
Cover Metadata     Checkmark
Barcode Image with Retail Price Option     Checkmark