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Realigning Christianity: Understanding the Meditation Mandate in the Bible Dr. James C. Goddon
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Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
Here, in this book of 111 pages is an examination of the incredible application of Luke 17:20-21 to our spiritual lives. In a never-before-seen analysis the author expands, clarifies and illuminates the Christian goal of life "in Christ"; in Enlightenment. This is the re-emergence of the single most powerful of Biblical truths, one that has in fact been lost to the 'main-stream' Christian community for many centuries: having one's awareness established in the absolute, bliss-consciousness that IS the Kingdom of God within'. The 'second coming' comes from within. Will you enter the 'Kingdom of God within' of Luke 17:21? The vehicle for doing so is meditation. There is clearly a Medita ...