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Way of the World

Way of the World cover image
Way of the World cover image Way of the World cover image Way of the World cover image
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by: toni orban
Books with a 5 star rating  (2)
Publication Date: January 3, 2017
Book Size: 5" x 8"
Pages: 85
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781946447937

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Book Synopsis
The dozens of poems collected here come from the soul of the author. Some inspired by dreams, some by life’s vicissitudes but all from the heart. Toni Orban’s poems are an attempt to connect to a deeper self. In the spirit of the Romantics but without structure and meter she peels back the layers to the unconscious. Using techniques in free-writing and writing in the dream state in order grab hold of her subconscious. She strives ‘tie it to a chair and make it speak’. What it has to “say” she hopes strikes a chord in the reader. Some of the poems are whimsical satirical limericks, but most dive deep into metaphor to mine out the the possible fathomless meanings we assign to life.

Customer Comments
Brooks Wachtel
Posted: April 8, 2017
Customer comment 5 star rating
Toni Orban's collection of poetry, "Way of the World," may be a slim volume in size but its emotional and intellectual weight has considerable depth and heft. Ms. Orban's poems can range from melancholy to uplifting; they are often challenging and thought provoking. Her prose also offers lighter moments with some Ogden Nash style limericks which would be fun set to music (perhaps Ms. Orban should try her hand at lyrics).

I found myself reading the verse aloud - something I rarely do, but quite enjoyed. "Way of the World" is a very rewarding book, perhaps not casual reading, but well worth the concentration. Take the plunge.

-Brooks Wachtel
Forrest Pasky
Posted: September 22, 2017
Customer comment 5 star rating
One can sense the often nearly raw quality of emotion just under the surface of Ms. Orban’s carefully constructed word portraits. Thoughts become a tapestry of words when well-considered and well-spoken or dabbed in staccato strokes like the oil brush of the artist on canvas…crave the gentle caress of words like the intimate touch of a woman or a woman’s words. You will find such are the words of Ms. Orban. Read the book and you will see.

-Forrest Pasky
About The Author
Toni Orban has worked as a fitness coach and freelance writer for various exercise magazines. She is a kettlebell competitor. She is a published author of a short fiction titled, A Clean Slate in 1,000 Words or Less. Additionally, her poetry is published in The Bohemian NDNU press and in a modern collection of poetry titled, Where the Mind Dwells. She loves traveling to Italy and local West Coast beach towns. She is a member of both and Poetry Soup. She lives in Woodside, California with her daughter and two dachshunds. You can visit her website at: